Monday, July 17, 2017  11:13 AM

Between floor time, showings, and other errands, the job of a realtor never stops. If it weren't for a few essentials, I wouldn't be able to get through my day! I've made a list of my five favorites.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017  11:11 AM

There's no better way to spend Independence Day than in New Smyrna! I started the first part of the day enjoying the sunshine at our pool by having a barbeque with my family and friends. It was so fun and relaxing to chill in the lanai at our home in Venetian Bay. Later, we went on a dinner cruise aboard the Lady Dolphin of Daytona. It was so cool being able to enjoy a nice breeze while having dinner with loved ones. I especially liked it because they let me have the kid's entree, chicken nuggets :) After that, we planned on going to view the New Smyrna fireworks, but got too caught up having fun in the pool and ended up missing them. Regardless, it was a wonderful day, and I couldn't imagine spending my independence day anywhere besides New Smyrna. 

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Sunday, June 25, 2017  10:41 AM

Yesterday was bike and bar in New Smyrna Beach. The office got a team together and we braved the heat and crowds in order to socialize and have a little fun while promoting our company. It's so nice having a team of coworkers that all get along so well and can do fun activities like this together. It was a great event that got the whole community together for a fun summer day.

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